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01.03.15 -- NEWS -- A few artists are hard at work creating illustrations for Damned If I Do, the fifth novel by Stephen Pytak. They include Andy Smith, an artist known for his work with DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Thalo Kersey, who worked on designs for characters including "Love Doll" and "Katerina" will be coloring Andy's work. At right is a sample of one of the illustrations they worked on, "The Return of Stacia Rose." Sammy Gomez is also hard at work on a collage. At left is a work-in-progress shot of his drawing of "The Enchantress." That's Donna Nye, who performed incredible versions of the song "Shooting Stars" for Mazz Press. The character will perform the song in the book. Damned If I Do will be released sometime in 2016. The art is Copyright 2014 by Stephen Pytak.