Novels by Stephen Pytak:

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Damned If I Don't

The sixth novel in the series.

Run for your life...or cross the line. 

Those are the choices the main characters in the sixth novel by Stephen Pytak will be forced to consider.

For Stacia Rose, the decision will seal her fate.

She's the urban explorer who became a celebrity following the events of Stephen's third novel, The Wild Damned.

In the action-packed thriller Damned If I Don't, she'll have to figure out how to deal with a few unsavory characters. Chief among them is the madman who has taken up the mantle of the mass murderer known as The Carrion Crow.

The cover features art by Andy Smith and Eric Ninaltowski.

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Damned If I Do

The fifth novel in the series.

The Carrion Crow has returned! And the ensuing chaos has forced his number one target, Stacia Rose, to consider her options.

The .40 Caliber Mouse, a low-rent mercenary, offers to help, but only if the celebrity urban explorer assists her in taking out a crime lord rumored to be a vampire who is more than 200 years old.

The front cover features a photo of model Victoria Vaughn as "Corinn," the low-rent mercenary known as The .40 Caliber Mouse. The book also includes art by Andy Smith and Sammy Gomez.


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Katerina Blues

The fourth novel in the series.

Katerina Dalzell, a sexy wild child, had made a name for herself. She started up an entertainment tabloid, The Stray, and injected new life into the club and music scene in Champaign, Illinois. But on a fateful New Year's Eve, she learned not everyone was a fan. The blonde with the signature cat tat had become a target, hunted by a horde of contractors from butchers with meat hooks to chic gunfighters. Desperate, she hired a bodyguard, someone who also had a reputation, The .40 Caliber Mouse.

The front cover features a photo of model Bell Marie as "Katerina." The novel also includes art by Dash Martin and Sammy Gomez.

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The Wild Damned

The third novel in the series.

A masked phantom carving a scarlet swath through Ohio is forecasting the apocalypse. Called The Carrion Crow, he believes an ancient prophecy about the savagery of mankind is coming to pass. Two fierce souls who stand in the harbinger's way could, unintentionally, prove him right. Stacia Rose is an apt college student, a perky cheerleader and an urban explorer. Lon "Bedhead" Stoesz is a burned out combat vet haunted by monstrous visions, in particular the spirit of a battle-scarred child. Their intense fascination with the dark leads them to confront the shadowy villain, their inner demons and an ultimate revelation.

Cover A (pictured) features art by Norm Breyfogle. Cover B features a picture of Lindsay Marissa as "Stacia Rose." Select the link below for which cover you prefer.

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The .40 Caliber Mousehunt

The second book in the series.

Corinn Michaels is secretly the webmaster for a mercenary who sells hits on line. And the clever 26-year-old from Georgetown is running from a society obsessed with finding her, hiring her, using her and killing her.
When the site is taken down and its leader is reportedly dispatched, Corinn must decide whether to abandon her beloved project or follow the rhythm of her black heart, risk everything, load up a .40 caliber pistol and take charge.
A series of explosive events -- including run ins with corrupt government agents and a fiery vigilante -- break her down, nearly claim her life and lead her to make a dark decision. The book features illustrations by Norm Breyfogle, who is known for his work on Batman comics in the '80s and '90s.

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The .40 Caliber Mouse

The first novel in The .40 Caliber Mouse series, this action-packed thriller is an introduction to Corinn Michaels. Artist. Computer hacker. Angry spirit. And a low-rent mercenary's key to starting a deadly online business.

Corinn is an Internet criminal haunted by spectres from her past. Five years back, the friends, lovers and accomplices she knew in college had reported her subversive activities to police. She did time. The betrayal changed her world. She suffered a breakdown, tortured by her memories of the ones that got away. Unable to move on, she believed her life was at an end.

A job offered encouraged her to reconsider her options. A stranger in black asked her to resume her life of crime, to become a new kind of terrorist, to start a website for a mercenary called The .40 Caliber Mouse. She grinned as she made the deal. "On one condition..."

The Mazz Press edition of this book features model Victoria Vaughn as "Corinn" on the cover and the book includes illustrations by Dash Martin.

$15 each plus tax.